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Are you tired of hurting?

We help people with a variety of symptoms:
  • neck pain
  • tight upper back
  • tingling or numbness in 
  • sciatic pain
  • muscular pain
  • low back pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • shin splints
  • headaches & migraines
  • limited range of motion
  • plantar fasciitis
  • neck cricks
  • postural correction
  • scoliosis issues
  • overuse injuries
  • and more
See what people are saying...
"Judy Slater is my Miracle worker!  I started having numbness in my wrists back in 2002.  A doctor wanted to do surgery...I then spent the next five years going to a chiropractor on and off.  By this time it wasn't just in my wrists...I still did not find any relief.  I then went to several physical therapists over the course of several more years...But I never got any better...After one appointment with Judy all of my symptoms and pain were completely gone.  I am still in disbelief!  She knew exactly what to do and gave me exercises to also do at home...Judy completely resolved all of my issues...I highly recommend her.  She gave me the ability to get back to exercising and doing things I was unable to do for so long.  She basically gave me my life back!"  Kelli J., Google
"​​I have had headaches and sore neck and shoulders all my adult life, massage is the best way I have found to control it. So I have been to MANY massage therapists and chiropractors over the past 25 years. Judy is the absolute BEST that I have found. She has various techniques and really works to solve the underlying problems. Plus she has given me stretches to do at home that have helped me a lot. I highly recommend her to everyone!"  Jeannie M.,
Text 405-808-8718 for soonest appointment.

Prevent future injuries.

We look for strain patterns before they become pain patterns:
  • Muscular & structural imbalances
  • Improper muscle firing order
  • Improper Posture
  • Limited range of motion 
"Due to scoliosis, I’ve had chronic tightness and pain for as long as I can remember. I take self care seriously and even with regular chiropractic care and massage, no one has been able to release my upper traps as effectively as Judy did in five minutes. I love the express therapy sessions where I’m in and out in 30 minutes without even having to change clothes."  Medical Massage & Bodywork client.,
"I was in a car accident that left me with constant shoulder, neck, and lower back pain.  Some nights it was hard to sleep...I am so thankful I met Judy through my chiropractor!...It's clear how much she cares about me and each of her clients.  Through weekly appointments, the tension left, I was able to relax, and had way less pain.  I am now pain free!  I highly recommend seeing her!  If you have a constant pain or tension in your body, don't waste anytime, schedule your appointment!"  Megan L., Google
We help people of all ages, in all stages: 
Middle-aged women & men, senior citizens, professional & Olympic athletes, weekend warriors, middle school athletes, and everything in between.
Text 405-808-8718 for soonest appointment.
How it works...

Follow home retraining exercises.

Schedule an appointment.


Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.



Get back to the things you love.


Assessment, hands on therapy and home retraining exercises is the standard of care.


"I'm a runner and have had several different issues with my hips, knee, shoulders, I could go on. Judy has been exactly what I've needed! She has allowed me to run at my best. Every visit is specific to the issues I'm currently facing and I always walk away feeling better. I'm so thankful to have her as my therapist!" Julie M.,
"If you are looking for a true master at what they do then make an appointment with Judy!  I recently had my Achilles tendon repaired...Judy made my surgeon shake his head at the progress I made in my recovery!  She has gone above and beyond to help me heal!...Life changing!!  She's also helped my husband, sister and coworker!" Darla C., Google
You deserve optimal function.
Text 405-808-8718 for soonest appointment.
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