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Calm App Freebies & 50% discount offer

I love how people and companies are sharing and giving where they can just to make this COVID-19 situation a little more bearable.

If you follow me on Facebook you have seen that I post a lot of quotes from the Calm App. I truly LOVE this app. It's the most expensive app I've ever purchased at $70/year but I decided it was REALLY cheap therapy and I literally use it almost every day. In fact, as of today, I am on a 103 day streak for daily meditations!!!

My favorite feature is the "Sleep Stories" read by famous actors and actresses that lull you off to sleep sometimes within the first few sentences!!! Fiction stories, stories for teens, travel, even Ferris Bueller's Economics teacher reading the first chapter of "The Wealth of Nations" or John McEnroe "But Seriously, The Rules of Tennis."

But sleep stories are only a small part of the app. There are meditations on countless subjects, music, breathing exercises and even a "Calm Kids" section I haven't even opened.

I'm excited to share a link for a free sampling of all the Calm app has to offer!! There is so much good stuff here!

Follow this link for free resources:

They are also offering a 50% discount off the yearly premium subscription!!! Follow the link:

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