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funny story...i'm one of those people who has one password for everything. Turns out, they have a weird element of foreshadowing to them somehow for me. SEVERAL years ago I was obsessed with going back to Italy so my password for everything for several years was "Italy2017." I told this to no one and never even mentioned Italy. It was just my secret wish. A few years went by me typing "Italy2017" into every password prompt when one day my niece told me they had randomly decided to go to Europe in Italy! I was stunned. No one in my family had ever just up and gone to Italy. It was like I had manifested the trip for them.

Later, I decided to change it up and made a new password for the distant year 2020.

Now I find myself in 2020, faced with some pretty daunting situations and hard decisions to be made with the way this virus is affecting my community, our economy and our ability to generate income. And every time I log into anything requiring a password I'm reminded of how I've told myself I would be in 2020: A phrase that represents being invincible, strong, courageous, full of grit...this is the password I chose with the year 2020...kind of spooky. I just hope we can live up to it.

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