Favorite Self-Care Products 

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Favorite products for headaches or base of skull pain:

See blog from March 30, 2020


For chronic suffers, nice to have on hand when a headache hits.

Amazon.com  Cold Clay Therapy Eye Mask b

Topical magnesium foam.  Great for leg cramps or tight muscles.

Something to remember while icing:  it is possible to burn yourself so be sure to place a thin fabric between your skin and the ice pack like a tshirt.  The general rule is 20 minutes on 40 minutes off then repeat.

Magnesium supplement for tight or cramping muscles:

I love this stuff and take up to 4 at a time, especially before bed.  (I like MyoCalm Plus as well.) 


Massage Balls:

Varying sizes and densities for different purposes. 

IMG_1948 (1).jpg

Super soft for rolling out chest muscles against a wall.


Dense lacrosse balls and peanut.

5" less firm ball great for Piriformis and gluteal muscles. 


Dense lacrosse peanut.


Dense lacrosse balls for massage.

5" more firm ball great for Piriformis and gluteal muscles. 

Massage Sticks:

For rolling out muscles. 


Tiger Tail with foam roller.


TheStick with tile rollers.

My personal favorite.

RAD Rod steel core stick.

Sticks can be less intense than a foam roller but are still able to get deep into the muscles.  Plus they are easier to throw in a suitcase, gym or golf bag.  

Stretching Tools:


My feet crave these when I've gone too long without using them.  Immediate relief.  Knock offs 

don't compare.


Place between upper back and your office  chair for a hallelujah 

stretch to open       

 the chest.       

I love this tool!!!  I've had mine for years. 


Toe Stretchers:

Be warned these are addictive.  Here is another great tool you will come to crave.  There's quite a difference in price and intensity.


This style is less expensive and less intense but you will still need to build up gradually.  Build up to an hour or more.


Women's Yoga Toes...build up to 10 minutes.

You can use a broom stick if it's long enough.


This style is less expensive and less intense but you will still need to build up gradually.  Build up to an hour or more.

Men's Yoga Toes...build up to 10 minutes.

There's no substitute for an inflatable ball for opening up the front line.  Just lay on your back with arms outstretched.

Stretch Out Strap with exercise book.

Pillows & Sleep Support:

Knee pillows can be a big help in relieving lateral hip pain.  I like them because they are small and you aren't wrestling a full size pillow all night. 

Love this pillow for rotating between back and side sleeping.  

Foam Rollers:

Standard Density 36" Roller


Moderate Density 36" Roller


Soft Density 36" Roller


Travel Size Roller


Foam supports for knees, elbows, hands.  Make gardening, yoga or push ups less painful. 


Posture Tools:

Soooooo many good things could go in this category.  Standing desks, ball chairs, posture alarms...

I use this every day in my car.  If your lower back hurts on long drives this is for you!  It's a game changer.


A cheap, easy fix for better seated posture.  Feet on the ball are really handy when not in use.


A posture retraining brace.


Wobble Cushions for hard seats.

This chair looks SOOOOO COOL!! (To be honest, I haven't tried it.)

Standing Desk Converter


Tools for Strengthening:


You could just use a rubber band but these are nice with the varying resistances.  Be sure to bend your wrist back as you do these to strengthen extensor muscles!