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Don't miss the unique opportunity COVID-19 is giving you to invest in yourself.

Yes this virus is scary and yes a lot of fear and panic is going around not just in our country but around the world… and rightfully so...

But how we respond to these uncertain times will define our immediate future. That’s the simple truth of all this…

So as you spend more time inside and adapt to this new lifestyle, ask yourself:

What am I choosing?

Are you choosing to catch up on every Netflix show you can and spending hours scrolling through Twitter or Instagram to watch the world react to this?

Or are you focused inwardly, on your own growth?

Make the most of this time…

You can CHOOSE to tackle that project you've never had time for.

You can CHOOSE to finish that course you’ve been putting off.

You can CHOOSE to learn a new skill or perfect a hobby.

You can CHOOSE to read the books that have been collecting dust.

You can CHOOSE to invest in yourself, your relationships, and your family.

And trust me, I know the easiest thing to do right now is throw on those sweatpants and chill out on the couch…

But when this virus is contained and our lives go back to normal, wouldn’t you look back with regret wishing you had taken advantage of this newfound time and opportunity to focus on something productive?

Choose action. Choose to set an example. Choose inner strength over outside panic.

And above all else -

Wash your hands, stay home if you can, stay safe and stay strong!

(I confess: I largely plagiarized this from an email I got a few days ago trying to sell me a course, I didn't bite...but it was such a good email I couldn't resist sharing.)

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