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How you can help businesses affected by COVID-19

Are you wondering how you can help your friends in the service industry whose businesses are suffering from COVID-19? Consider writing a positive review for your favorite providers on Facebook, Google or Yelp. This is something tangible you can do that will have a big impact for your favorite businesses. A review can help keep the momentum going and be a real boost when this turns around and it’s time to rebuild. As you can imagine my business as well as MANY others will suffer greatly the next few weeks. I’m hoping I/we will come out of this on the other side stronger. Stay safe and remember that life will return to normal eventually. 💕

Tips for writing an impactful review: Any positive review is extremely valuable to a business and will be greatly appreciated! But if you can include specific examples that others can relate to your review becomes a powerful selling tool. Here are a few ideas for beefing up your reviews for your favorite providers: 1. Talk about your symptoms/problems before you met this provider and how it affected your life. You can talk about how long you looked for a good hair stylist, or how your tried acupuncture and PT to mediate the pain, or name a specific example of something you were unable to do, or how this made you feel (ie. I wasn’t able to raise my arm to switch on the blinker, or my hairstyle felt outdated and I had a big reunion coming up, or I had headaches weekly and had to sit in a dark room, or I had to take ibuprofen daily my neck and shoulders hurt so bad) 2. Explain how this provider helped solve this problem for you and how it’s impacted your life... how do you feel now? (ie. after a few visits I could drive with my hand on top of the steering wheel without pain, or I got so many compliments on my new hairstyle and everyone said I looked 10 years younger, or after regular treatments I now I only have one headache a month, or now with my stretches and exercises I don't have to take pain medication anymore.) Remember, you don't have to stress and overthink this...any positive review is a big help to small businesses.

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