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Tingling, numbness or radiating pain down arms or hands

These are self-care tips to help bring temporary relief while we are dealing with COVID-19 restrictions. These exercises alone probably won't solve the problem because we are addressing symptoms not the root issues like common compensatory patterns caused by muscular imbalances, poor posture, overuse or inactivity. These tips are best used between bodywork sessions as home-retraining exercises recommended by a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist, Physical Therapist, or a bodyworker who takes a global approach and understands how to assess and treat the underlying issues. For lasting results seek professional help to address the underlying issue and contributing factors.

Be gentle and don't illicit pain. Upper body nerve entrapments are some of my favorite issues to help people with. This is not a simple issue and isn't always straightforward.

Ideally, I will have worked with you before and this is a refresher for you for home retraining exercises. However, in this time of social distancing, if you're desperate it wouldn't hurt to try this flossing exercise on your will work just up to the point of discomfort but if it's painful STOP.

Begin standing perpendicular to the wall far enough that when the arm is straight your fingertips touch the wall. Begin with your palm facing down. Gently start to lean toward the wall to flatten your palm against the wall. This may be very difficult and you may only be able to slightly bend at the wrist. Don't push yourself past the pain. Stretch just to the point of discomfort then back off. This is the first step in nerve flossing. You have pulled the nerve through the soft tissue from the finger tip (distal end), now we are going to alternate by pulling the nerve from the neck (proximal end). As you relax the wrist back to straight, pull the nerve from the neck by leaning your opposite ear toward the shoulder. Repeat 3-5 times at least twice daily working only to the point of discomfort, not pushing through the pain.

Then change the stretch by turning your palm facing forward and repeat then turn palm to the ceiling and repeat.

(Even if I've never worked with you before feel free to text or email me and I'd be happy to help. You'll want to include a pec stretch with this. See previous post.)

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